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Capt.Richard Christian(2011/2012, Indonesia)

How are you all colleagues?

It has been more than two years since the first AJOC participants left Japan after one year study in Kure

I think some of us are busy because of some duty that has been getting heavy. Anyway, I think we still remember one of our friends that never seemed busy (remembering Dea). He was always happy.

A few weeks ago I was so busy to complete duty in Oman for “heavy job” related to safety of ships. I enjoyed this job. Day by day I could understand more and more knowledge that I had got in my university, JCGA (special thanks to my “maritime traffic Sensei”) and through study in United States. Hopefully I could be more and more profesional.

And I’ve never forgot to take “my cap”...Thanks Admiral. I was using the cap during my travelling from New York-Virginia-Washington (year 2013), Doha-Muscat-Salalah-Kuala Lumpur (beginning 2014), and I’m sure there will be more countries to go.

I am proud of having been a part of JCGA which taught me a lot of knowledge so I can become professional in maritime world. Everyday I’m blessed with “ Otsukare sama desu!!!”

餅は餅屋 (Mochi wa mochiya )

LT Marlon S Aviles PCG (2012/2013, the Philippines)

It was a great day on my wedding. I thank God for the wonderful blessing on this special occasion. After 8 years we were engaged my heart was still pounding when I walked in the aisle to the Altar. And now, I am officially married. Attached here are some photos during my wedding day.

During my wedding speech I told them that my one year training in Japan on AJOC gave me more trust and love with my fiance as we were getting more closer with each other in a long distance relationship. It was really difficult to be far away from love ones. I thank also that I really survived those long distance relationship. In spite of that I am still very happy that I belong to AJOC '12 which helps developed my confidence and capability to handle my job in the PCG service. Regards to our energetic adviser and all the staff of JCG Foundation and JCGA faculty members. Thanks a lot. 'till we meet again..Arigatougozaimasu!


Mr. Mohd Shahril Anwar bin Mohd Yusop (2012/2013, Malaysia)

I’m glad to hear that the 3rd AJOC has started. I’m sure that they have a very good time in Tokyo. I see the pictures and notice that they underwent the earthquake training in HIP.

Right now I have been appointed as Operational Officer for MMEA's Sabah and Labuan Region. It was a busy period for us due to the terrorist intrusion to Sabah and to deal with cases like smuggling and SAR...

I believe that right now summer is coming. Have a good summer!!

Lt Cdr (M) Ahmad Faez Bin Mat Ghani (2012/2013, Malaysia)

Konnichiwa! and good day to all my AJOC fellows, JCG Foundation and JCG Academy staff.

Long time no see!
Time has passed so fast, and it's almost 4 months the AJOC course 2012/13 was ended. And right now the AJOC 2013 has been started.

I miss all of you and I hope all of you are in good health and always happy.
After I completed AJOC courses, I was designated in Legal Branch at MMEA Headquarters, Putrajaya and my new rank is Lieutenant Commander.
I was assigned as Assistant Director for this unit. In addition to my duty, I was assigned as a Prosecuting Officer which the role is to prosecute maritime criminal cases at court.

But for the beginning, I just prosecute the cases under Fisheries Act and Immigration Act. So, I have to learn more legal knowledge, skills and understand the facts of the case and also knowing the provisions of law relating to the case to be handled. I'm happy with my new work environment here. Furthermore, my office is located at the same level with JICA's Office for JCG officer in MMEA.

Thank you for keeping us in touch. To Anwar-san, Canny-san, Binh-san, Quang-san, Arbie-san, Marlon-san, Aki-san & Taka-san, GOOD LUCK!
Gambatte kudasai! to all participants of AJOC 2013/14 .

Ms. Canny Evalina (2012/2013 Indonesia)

Konichiwa.... watashi no AJOC kazoku

Feels like yesterday since I came back to my country (Indonesia), but now the 3rd of AJOC has started.

I’m still working in Patrol Section, Sub Directorate of Patrol and Security at the Sea and Coast Guard HQ, Jakarta.
Lately, I was engaged as liaison officer for the visit of 2 officers from USCG and Department of Homeland Security of USA to Port of Tarakan and Nunukan, East Kalimantan/East Borneo; the cities which border with Malaysia. The visit was useful for me to enhance my knowledge about issues which happened in the border areas. The issues explained directly from all stakeholders at the ports which meet security sector such as: KPLP, Marine Police, Custom, Immigration, etc. The visit seems same as AJOC which also enhance my knowledge, experience and expand my view of any issue which related to coast guard’s duties.

For JCG, JCGA and all the staff who held the AJOC program, honto ni arigatou gozaimasu...
For my AJOC fellows (2011 & 2012), mata aimasho...
For the 3rd AJOC participants, ganbatte...

LT Marlon S Aviles PCG (2012/2013, the Philippines)

Good day to all my friends in Kure!

I just want to say hello and thank you to all of my friends in JCGA and JCG Foundation for the wonderful moments we shared during our stay in the prestigious institution of Japan.

When I remember, few days before we end our course, we always talked with our fellow participants about where would we be assigned after we report back to our respective organization? Would it be assigned again in the same unit assignment or another office unit? Some participants said that they knew already where they would be. I told them also that I would be assigned onboard patrol ship to complete my aboardship duty for my career advancement.

However, after my academic break, when I reported back at Headquarters in Manila I received order for my new assignment but It was not the unit that I supposed to be instead I was assigned at the Headquarters Coat Guard Education and Training Command(CGETC). I was quite disappointed then as I have conditioned my mind to be assigned aboardship. And they said, it's payback time after schooling abroad. They insisted that after AJOC class I must be assigned at CGETC to impart my knowledge to the coast guard school. I can't help but to follow the order.

Presently, I was designated as Director, Functional & Specialization Course of Coast Guard Non-Officer School and Operation Officer of Non-Officer Basic training Center. In addition to my duty, I am the Course Director of the Advance Leadership and Management Course Class 14-13, a career course for the senior enlisted personnel of PCG that was convened on 29 May '13 at Headquarters Coast Guard District Western Visayas for 3 months duration.

As of now, I am busy preparing the reference materials for their lecture and fortunately I have some reference materials from AJOC class which I could always use particularly on International Law Conventions, UNCLOS, SAR theory, Case Studies, COLREG, Investigation theories and the like which makes it easy for me. I always realized the importance of my participation in AJOC class as I have learned a lot of things, knowledge and experiences which I could always share to my fellow coast guardians for the betterment to our organization.

Once again, Please extend my heartfelt thanks to all the Staff of JCG Foundation and JCGA faculty and to all the people behind this program..'til next time...ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!

The Course Director is conducting the course outline briefing to students of Advance Leadership and Management Course (ALMC) Class 14-2013.

The Course Director is conducting the course outline briefing to students of Advance Leadership and Management Course (ALMC) Class 14-2013. The Course Director is conducting the course outline briefing to students of Advance Leadership and Management Course (ALMC) Class 14-2013.

Preparing for the convening ceremony of ALMC CL 14-13

Pre-Physical fitness test to ALMC students

Preparing for the convening ceremony of ALMC CL 14-13 Pre-Physical fitness test to ALMC students
Capt.Richard Christian(2011/2012, Indonesia)

I have attended the USCG training course, in which participants from 32 countries have joined.
The training will take four months and one of the students is two star admiral from Asian country. The purpose of this training is enhance the ability of maritime officer to handling terrorism, huge incident and marine disaster. Every week we have to face a test and the test was completely related with weekly lesson.
As part of the training, I have been traveling to New York to know more about America. Tomorrow will be the last day in this big city which is very famous all over the world.
I saw the monument of 9-11 tragedy, I hope humanity tragedy would never happen again all over the world as we remember the Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragedy.
I also went to the UN headquarters. I found the Japan’s delegation seat in the UN assembly building. It was very nice.
To all of friends that I have met in Japan I give you my best regards. May peace be upon all of you.
To Superintendent thanks for the JCGA cap.


LT ARBIE T CASPILLO PCG (2012/2013, The Philippines)

Good day and hope all my AJOC family are doing fine.
I would like to update my status in the Philippine Coast Guard right after I completed the 2nd AJOC last March 9, 2013.
As per policy of my organization that all PCG personnel who went abroad for schooling shall be assigned at Coast Guard Education and Training Command (CGETC) to be utilized as Instructors and impart the knowledge that they gained from the course taken, me and my colleagues Marlon Aviles are presently assign here at CGETC.
I am presently designated as Deputy Chief for Training Staff (DCTS) for Plans and Programs, T5. All activities of the command particularly training and the planning for the courses to be conducted for the whole year are among the responsibilities of my department. Furthermore, I am as well designated as the Executive Officer of Doctrine Development and Research Institute (DDRI) of this command.
Aside from the two (2) designations mentioned above, I will be soon handling courses as Course Director for the courses that this command intends to convene on the third and fourth quarter of this year.
I am still adjusting with my new work environment and the people that I am working with but I'm very positive that I will be able to perform and meet the expectations of my Boss and I will take this opportunity as well to share all the knowledge that I learned from the AJOC to all my subordinates and students/personnel of my organization, the Philippine Coast Guard.
Thank you very much I really miss you all.

a fellow (2011/2012, Japan)

A Happy New Year to you, dear!! It’s about time to post my news from Sweden.
Since I came to World Maritime University, it has been almost 7 months. My life here is almost same as AJOC!! I meant ‘so much fun’. I’m studying a lot and meet various people (people are from all over the world), so I can be even more open-minded. In addition, I’m traveling a lot and experiencing many things in abroad. I’ll keep trying to make the most of this chance that I’m staying in Sweden. I feel these days are so fruitful and enjoyable.
By the way, my WMU classmates call me ‘Fake Japanese’. When it comes to Japan in a class, everybody says jokes. They say that I’m different from ordinary Japanese who are quiet and humble. I’m far away from this typical Japanese character. I Hope I will not be ‘foreigner’ for Japanese at the end of this year when I graduate here and go back Japan.
Finally, I’ll attach the pictures of WMU life.
Wish you have a lot of happiness and enjoy your life with your family and partner in this year!!

Lunch with Coast Guard friends

 Lunch with Coast Guard friends
Mr. Tan Ah Bik (2011/2012, Malaysia)

Ohayogozaimasu! Genki desu!
Here it is also hot now but the weather will come to change to raining season next month after several months of dry season.
My ship is now in final progress of repair. This 18 September we will do a sea trial. If the sea trial succeeds, my ship will be sailing soon.
Good news, I just got promotion from lieutenant rank to lieutenant commander last month.

My ship

Patrol sip of MMEA

this photo can be enlarged by clicking on this

Capt.Richard Christian(2011/2012, Indonesia)

I send you this message to inform you that my wedding has been taken place. It was on 14th July 2012. It was blessed in Catholic Church St. Gabriel Jakarta taken by Father J. Tarigan.
At night the wedding party started which was attended with more than one thousand people. Most of Indonesian senior mariners attended the party such as Capt. Sutijar, Capt. Almanar and senior master marine engineers such Mr. Benyamin Tangkuman and Mr. An. Pramono. Some cadets from Indonesian Merchant Higher Institute participated in my wedding with sword ceremony. We called it Vallreef (Nederland mariners tradition and it became ours).

Capt. Richard Christian Capt. Richard Christian

I am very proud of my wife. She is a very patient girl and talented. In one occasion I told her that I have visited Meiji Jingu shrine in Tokyo and she was surprised. She has never been to Japan but she adores and loves waka poetry of Empress Shoken (Ichij? Masako). Sometimes I told her to read me the famous waka poetry of the lovely Empress.

Catpt. Richard Christian
Every morning
We gaze into our mirrors
Which are unblemished
Oh, that we could attain
Such a purity of soul

Other people’s words,
Sometimes good and sometimes bad,
Need to be heeded;
If we listen carefully
We can benefit ourselves

By helping each other
With the means we each possess,
We can come to know
That the four seas of this earth
Were born of one mother.

My wife and I spent honeymoon to Toba Lake the biggest lake in South East Asia for three days. Now we begin our happy life (obviously) and try to find it in everyday life... 求めよさらば与えられん(Motomeyo saraba ataeraren)!!!

Mr. Tridea Sulaksana (2011/2012, Indonesia)

My new job in BAKORKAMLA Jakarta is Drafting Exercise Programme Operations.
After I have been doing routine activities in BAKORKAMLA Jakarta for two months. I am now stationed in Batam, Riau Islands and will be here for over six months until December 2012.
I am now conducting Operation in cooperation with Customs, KPLP, Marine Police, Navy, and Fishery in the Malacca Strait region to the border.
I found that what I had learned through the AJOC is useful for me to conduct the operations.

Mr. Eric Retiro Ferrancullo (2011/2012, Philippines)

It’s been three (3) months since we got back home. I still missed our everyday life back in Japan. The everyday travel to the Academy, the late kampai session at Yasu's room, the friendly chat with our coordinators and professors. I learned a lot from our 11 months stay there.
I'm currently assigned aboard one of the PCG's Search and Rescue vessel as its Engineering Officer and have recently been deployed to one of the contested area in South China Sea.
It is there where I appreciated the lectures given to us especially with regards to UNCLOS since it was first hand where I was able to see actually their vessel's and have understood the in's and out's of both our maritime claims.
Kudos to the 2nd batch of AJOC. Hope to meet you in the future.

Mr. Tan Ah Bik (2011/2012, Malaysia)

I would like to introduce my current position. Now I'm assigned as Commanding Officer of patrol vessel at Kuantan, Pahang located at Eastern Coast of Peninsula Malaysia. This vessel formerly belonged to Royal Malaysian Marine Police before submitted to MMEA in August last year. The vessel capacity is below 200 gross tonnage and 29 meter long and bigger than patrol vessel that I had been assigned before I went to Japan.
However, this patrol vessel is still not in operational because still under repair for annual docking. While waiting the vessel is ready for operation, I was assigned temporary at MMEA East Coast Regional Head Quarter, Pahang to support operation division.
I hope the knowledge and experiences that I gained in the AJOC course very useful for me for my career in MMEA. Thanks for still keeping in touch with us. I very missed my daily life in Japan and hopefully I will have opportunities to visit Japan again in future.
I also hope 2nd Class AJOC will finish this course successfully.

Ms. Noemie Guirao CAYABYAB (2011/2012, Philippines)

Good day!
I've been doing great. I am now assigned at Coast Guard Education and Training Command with address Muelle dela Industria Farola Compound, Binondo, Manila. I am now the Assistant Deputy Chief of Training Staff for Human Resource Management, Records ad Personnel. And my new rank is Lieutenant Junior Grade.
Thank you for keeping us posted. I missed my everyday life in Japan. Hope I still have the opportunity to visit Japan and meet the same faces.
Good Luck to the second class of AJOC. More power!

Ms.Masako Nohara(2011/2012, Japan)

Ms.Masako Nohara
Now I’m working at the International Relations of Marine Environment Protection & Disaster Prevention Division, Guard and Rescue Department in JCG HQ.
I am involved in the international cooperation projects to protect environment and to prevent disasters. Lately I’ve been engaged in preparation for the Training and Dialogue Program with JICA for officials at the maritime safety operational level as a part of the international relationship. And I check the IMO movement every day to grasp the situation of international treaties and protocols.
I can use what I learned through the AJOC training effectively in my office.
As a member of Japan Coast Guard Band I also play the saxophone. Our band is going to perform on the occasion of the sea review and comprehensive drill, on June 2nd and 3rd, so you will be able to listen to and enjoy our music!!
I wish this year’s AJOC would succeed like us.

a fellow (2011/2012, Japan)

Hello. I would like to introduce my current job to you.
Actually my current position is temporary. But it’s related to the AJOC. I’m arranging for its study trips and classes all over Japan. I think it’s good for both the AJOC participants of this year and me because I’ve already known the AJOC itself well. I can also suggest something new for the AJOC. I’m really happy to get involved with this AJOC again.
In the near future, I’ll enter ‘World Maritime University’ in Sweden and study for 17 months. I’m really excited to be able to brush up my knowledge and expand my relationships. I believe I can make the most of the knowledge, skills and experiences through the AJOC with my friends.
I hope AJOC fellows can expand their career options by participating and making good efforts in AJOC.