Coast Guard Capacity Improvement Program to Secure Safety and Environmental Conservation in Asian Oceans

Course Overview


It is essential to maintain the order of the seas in the Asia-Pacific region from the perspective of energy transport, the development of marine and mineral resources for each country. Therefore it is necessary not only to maintain and improve the coast guard capability of each country in the region, but also to foster links between all countries and improve the coast guard capability of the region as a whole.
Given these conditions, a joint declaration was adopted at the 3rd Heads of Asian Coast Guard Agencies Meeting (Singapore, 2007) that stated the necessity to discuss the development of human resources in order to promote collaboration among Asian coast guard agencies and improve their capability.
To that end, the Japan Coast Guard, the Japan Coast Guard Foundation and the Nippon Foundation collaborated to implement this program at the Japan Coast Guard Academy starting from April 2011.


The objective of this program is to develop the capability of junior officers of Asian coast guard agencies and provide them with specialized knowledge for coast guard operations.
This program also aims to deepen trust among Asian coast guard agencies as a means to promote cooperative ties. It is also expected that the Japan Coast Guard Academy become an international base for human resources development for the coast guard agencies of Asia.


  1. The first comprehensive and systematic program for coast guard personnel of many countries in Asia.
  2. Curriculum based on thorough research regarding the actual conditions and needs of each country.
  3. Courses are conducted in English in order to enable participants to actively participate in the international community.
  4. Diverse group of instructors with abundant knowledge and experience (including professors from the Japan Coast Guard Academy, the Japan Coast Guard personnel, specialists from various fields and other experts).
  5. The Japan Coast Guard officers participating in this training are helping to strengthen links between the coast guard agencies of Japan and other Asian countries.


This program is for junior officers of coast guard agencies of any Asian country.
Participants for 2013/2014 include officers from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam together with the Japan Coast Guard officers.

Course Certificate

Participants who are judged to have met the expected standards of the course are certified by the superintendent of the Japan Coast Guard Academy and receive a course completion certificate at the closing ceremony.


The curriculum consists of the following:

Maritime affairs and safety Maritime police, Coast guard operation
  • Overview of vessels, other facilities and maritime traffic
  • Maritime traffic and maritime safety operation system
  • Maritime safety management system
  • Marine environment and maritime disaster prevention theory
  • Management of noxious hazardous substances
  • Coast guard system
  • International law of the Sea
  • International criminal law
  • International crimes and international politics
  • International ocean policy
  • Administration and management of the organization
System practical exercises Field trip to facilities, etc.
  • Maritime safety systems/practical operations exercises
  • Group practical exercises
  • Case studies
  • Field trip to facilities related to maritime safety and affairs
  • Hands on experience onboard of large patrol boats

The educational system of this course involves diverse group of instructors listed below, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience, headed by the training advisor who is responsible for overall coordination of the program:

  • - Main instructors from the Japan Coast Guard Academy with a successful record in educating the executive officer candidates of coast guard agencies.
  • - Japan Coast Guard personnel who provide training in subjects related to practical coast guard operations.
  • - External instructors, including experts from Japanese universities who are highly qualified and experienced in their corresponding fields.

See this "Curriculum System"for more information.